"A smart, steadfast gumshoe who, in her second book, continues to flourish...Carroll’s

writing bounces off the page."​ Kirkus Reviews

"Looking for a cool read after a hot weekend? @ggcarroll #DropDeadRed is great fun, and intriguing - the theme is #swimming, the murders are a mystery. Way to go, Glenda!" -- Lynn Sherr, New York Times Best Selling Author, " Sally Ride: America's First Woman in Space," "Swim" and former ABC correspondent for 20/20.

"I loved your new book, DROP DEAD RED. I've always enjoyed murder mysteries and yours was so well written. I kept thinking I knew who the culprit was, but loved the surprise ending. I think that open water swimmers, triathletes, murder mystery fans...will enjoy your book." -- Lynne Cox, New York Times Best Selling Author, "Swimming to Antarctica."

"Glenda Carroll, in her new novel, DROP DEAD RED leads us through the nooks and crannies she knows so well in San Francisco and its neighbor, Marin County. Her heroine, Trish Carson, a sports swimmer, has intimate knowledge of those hearty souls who swim in icy cold lakes. Put these elements together with an unusual murder of ... swim leader, Shari Grantner, a beautiful, complex redhead, and the suspects around her, you have a mystery worth reading." -- Rita Lakin, author of the "Getting Old is Murder "series.




DEAD IN THE WATER is....so well written you just can't put it down...If you're like me, you'll be trying to figure out who committed the murder while you're working out." -- Lynne Cox, New York Times Bestselling author, "Swimming to Antarctica," "Open Water Swimming Manual."



"Carroll combines a skill for mystery writing...with her sports journalism and Masters swimming background by nailing the details of what it's like to race in open water...I liked Carroll's characters immensely, but it was the story that kept me up late reading." -- Swimmer Magazine



"(This) is a swim-centric mystery that will keep you turning pages while you think about your strokes. It's the first open-water-detective-novel that I know of, and it's great fun to read." -- Lynn Sherr, author of "Swim: Why We Love the Water."  Sherr is  a broadcast journalist and writer and was an award-winning correspondent for ABC News.



"It is a great first novel for the author and the main character has secrets to be explored in future books. It is a fast read and will appeal to open water swimmers, athletes and mystery lovers." -- US Open Water Swimming




"Page-turning action with a great subject: Open Water Swimming. I kept wanting to know what was going to happen. Well-developed plot with plenty of room for a sequel." -- Marcia Cleveland, bestselling author, "Dover Solo."

"This mystery is anything but dead in the water.  (Protagonist Trisha Carson) simply can't keep her nose out of situations that come back to bite her in the butt."  -- Gary Emich, Mr. Alcatraz, co-author of "Lessons from Alacatraz--Open Water Swimming"


"DEAD IN THE WATER is a fast-paced thriller set in San Francisco Bay where it is open season on open water swimmers." -- Daily News of Open Water Swimming


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