"DEAD IN THE WATER  is....so well written you just can't put it down."

Lynne Cox, NY Times Bestselling author, Swimming to Antarctica

"Carroll combines a skill for mystery writing...with her sports journalism and Masters swimming background

by nailing the details of what it's like to race in open water...I liked Carroll's characters immensely,

but it was the story that kept me up late reading."  Swimmer Magazine

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Meet Trisha Carson.  No money.  No man.  No mojo.

Trisha is sitting in the hot summer sun at the edge of a cool Sierra lake.  She thinks she is a witness to an accidental drowning during an open water swim. What else could it be?  An elite athlete doesn't sprint away from the pack, stop, never to move again.  Then a week later, another swimmer known more for her beauty than athletic ability drives her car off a 20-foot cliff into the Pacific Ocean. 

Only Trisha believes the accidents aren't so accidental.  Naively she asks too many questions to precisely the wrong people and is soon drawn into an expanding web of intrigue, revenge and danger.

​​I let go of the rail and plummeted toward the black water twenty-five feet below.  The gun exploded behind me.  Who was he shooting at?  Me?  Lena?  Didn't matter.  No one would hear the shot down here. No one would know what was happening.

I tumbled into the water with a loud splash.  Cold, so cold.  I felt my lungs collapse.  I couldn't breathe.  I tried to grab bits of air but nothing was coming in.  I sank below the darkness.  Too cold.  


A Trisha Carson Mystery

Beachbreak Press