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It's been almost a year since my last post. Although I haven’t written too much here, a lot was going on in the background. The third book in the Trisha Carson series, Dead Code, has found a home with Indies United Publishing House (IUPH). Launch date is October 27, 2021…just before Halloween! Creating the cover again is Rich Burns, my swim teammate at Tamalpais Aquatic Masters and Karen Brigando.

A little bit about the plot of Dead Code. Yes, there's swimming but it's not the main focus. This dives into cybercrime and big-time hacking. Here is a book description I wrote for UPHI. Not sure if I will put it on the back cover.

"Amateur sleuth Trisha Carson is being watched. By a laptop that tracks her online life. By a blue-eyed athlete who guides her through an open water swim. And by Frida, her smart refrigerator. What are they looking for? A determined Trisha hunts down her stalkers and stumbles across a grim plan that will echo throughout the West Coast."

IUPH already have my author page up. You’ll notice that I opted for a headshot that has a little of my personality in it. Click on the photo of me in the tiara for the page.

Not only that, but today an interview I gave about a month ago appeared. I talk about how I write, what I’m writing about and an idea that has been roaming around in my head for book four of the Trisha Carson series. Click on the photo below to the right to read the interview.

Hope everyone is beginning to emerge from the dark tunnel that was last year.

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