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RODEO by Evan Salazar -- A new talent in the world of comicbooks

Did you have a favorite comic book growing up? I did. It was Little Lulu and then Wonder Woman. But times have changed, and my newest favorite comic is Rodeo, the debut comic by exceptionally talented artist and storyteller, Evan Salazar. This anthology has already received excellent reviews from the comic critics in the field.

“…this comic arrives like a bolt out of the blue and announces the arrival of a talent already tantalizingly close to attaining that elusive title of being “fully formed,” wrote Ryan Carey, a self-appointed comics fanatic (among other things) from Minneapolis, Mn on his blog Four Color Apocalypse.

Rodeo tackles a variety of subjects: a quasi-detective story about a young girl whose mother disappears for a month; a cat who burns down his house, and a janitor who would much rather be writing but has to pay the bills.

Comics critic Rob Clough, who pens the blog High Low and also writes for the Comic Writer’s website had very positive things to say about Rodeo.

“It's always a pleasure to get a mini in the mail from an artist with whom I'm not familiar, only for it to turn out to be excellent. Such is the case with Evan Salazar and his one-man anthology, Rodeo.”

A bit about the creator, Evan Salazar. Here is a man who vibrates with creativity. Born in Tucson, where he first started drawing, he has lived in Chicago, New York and now Asheville, SC.

Rodeo is 16 pages, black and white. Salazar prints and assembles each copy. The issue costs $5 and is available at

Ryan Carey sums it up best. “…I want more Evan Salazar work, and I wanted it before I was even through reading this. What he’s crafted with Rodeo #1 isn’t simply one of the finest debuts of the year — it’s one of the finest comics of the year, period.”

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