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Not long ago, this knock off of the Kardashian Decade cover that appeared in Hollywood Reporter, August 2017 found its way to my online feed. It had nothing to do with the selfie-taking, self-absorbed Kardashian family. Instead, these were librarians from Invercargill, New Zealand who put together the impromptu parody.

Growing up, I thought librarians knew everything or at least knew where to find whatever I needed. I spent hours in the neighborhood library after school and when I had kids I made sure that they were as comfortable in the library as they were at home.

After seeing this photo, my respect for librarians climbed to another orbit. Maybe to you, this profession is not one you think of as having a sense of humor, but they do. If you look around, you’ll find videos of librarians doing Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, even Drake.

Check out this Bruno Mars Uptown Funk parody about Unread Books. It's a product of Pogona Creative and the Orange Public Library in association with Chapman University and was originally prepared for National Library Week 2015.

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