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There are many traditional ways to celebrate July 4th, America’s Independence Day. Watch fireworks. March in hometown parades and picnic, picnic, picnic. But this Fourth of July, I spent a good bit of the holiday on Twitter reading #Second Civil War Letters.

I didn’t know who came up with the clever and hilariously funny idea, but it is something so clearly American that I had to find out more. You probably know the story by now. But if not, conspiracy theorist, radio host and denier of everything (probably even his own birth), Alex Jones, announced the following on Twitter. (See below.)

That’s all it took for American creativity and wackiness to kick in. Twitter users created #secondcivilwarletters, a very funny take on what today’s Civil War fighters and families might write to each other. Here is a link to some of the best.

I even got into it. My warm-up was a letter from a woman left at home missing her beloved.

Then I created a dialogue between a brother at war and his sister left at home.

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