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Our girl, Trisha Carson, the amateur sleuth from Drop Dead Red and Dead in the Water is interviewed on Dru’s Book Musings. The interview took place outside of AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, San Francisco. Granted I did the interviewing since I probably know Trisha the best, but this is an entertaining way to find out more about her backstory and why solving crimes has helped straighten out her life.

For mystery readers, Dru’s Book Musings is a good site to know about. From her website: “The reclusive figure of Dru reportedly spends her working hours at the mysterious daytime situation doing “research.” Her non-working hours are spent less reclusively on her blog, dru’s book musings where the main goal is to introduce readers to authors and their work.

She is an avid reader who writes poetry, creates quilts and is happy to be in “her element” within the mystery community.

  • 2018 Anthony Award-nominated blog for Best Online Content

  • 2017 MWA Raven Award recipient

  • 2015 Anthony Award-nominated blog for Best Critical or Non-Fiction Work

Trisha and I are so pleased to be on her site. Stop in to read the interview and leave a comment. I will answer anything and everything you write or ask. That’s a promise.

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