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I am so excited.

I am on my way to Tucson to attend the Tucson Festival of Books, March 10-11 (and visit my sister.) If you don’t know anything about the TFOB, it is huge and it’s free. The first Festival was in 2009. 2018 is the Festival’s 10th anniversary. Attendance has grown from 75,000 to over 100,000 including authors and visitors from all over the U.S. and overseas too.

I will be live tweeting from the different programs I attend (@ggcarroll). Some of the big names require tickets that are available online. Let’s make that ‘were available’ on line. They go fast and the system that is trying to accommodate thousands of people at the same time trying to get into their favorite author goes slow. (Like everything else, these primo tickets are free.) With that said, I snagged tickets to hear US Poet Laureate Billy Collins, NPR’s Scott Simon, and a session on High Tech Thrillers. Then there are 350 other programs I have to choose from.

Please clone me so I can get into everything I want to hear. I also want to go the Indie Publishing tent and figure out how I can be a part of that next year.

A lot to do in two days.

One other nice thing…temperatures should be in the low 80’s.

Scott Simon

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