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Am I Still Contagious?

I don’t know what the cold and flu season has been like in your part of the country, but here in northern California, it has been awful. I know at least four people who had the real deal flu and were out of everything for 2 ½ - 3 weeks. Some are strong healthy swimmers who swim on my masters swim team.

Although I didn’t get the flu, I ended up with an awful cold with coughing that almost knocked me out of bed. But in time and with a little help from modern medicine, it passed (almost.) Then came the question, ‘am I sill contagious?’ The answer according to this three minute entertaining video How Long Are You Contagious? is (was?) yes. So, my apologies to work and swim team mates who were anywhere near me when I came back to my activities before I was ready.

Rule of Thumb: Even if feeling better, give yourself one or maybe two more days at home. Everyone in your life will thank you.

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