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"Dead Code is an exciting, fast-paced mystery with vivid scenery and very likable characters that readers will cheer for from start to finish."  San Francisco Book Review

"Dead Code is not your usual murder mystery. With its satisfying psychological and technological backdrops, (and) its portrait of PTSD recovery ... the story is multifaceted
and complex. It lingers in the mind long after Trisha arrives at solutions
that open doors to new problems and opportunities alike."

"Glenda Carroll creates a powerful portrait of not just another murder mystery,
but an investigator still recovering from the last one."   

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"An immensely likable sleuth headlines this lively crime tale."  Kirkus Review
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Trisha Carson blunders into a nest of cyber criminals when her landlord's grandson disappears. Reaching out to help, she lands in the middle of a frightening game and discovers that she is the main prize.



Amateur investigator Trisha Carson is being watched. By a laptop that tracks her every keystroke. By a blue-eyed athlete who guides her through an open water swim. And by Frida, her smart refrigerator. Why have they targeted her?

A determined Trisha hunts down her stalkers and stumbles on a grim plan that will echo throughout the  West Coast.

Mysteries from Glenda Carroll

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Published by Indies United Publishing House

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I inched away from the curb and drove down the two-lane street, trying desperately to stay awake. My eyes closed and my head dipped down to my chest. I managed to glance up. The car in front of me morphed into two cars. I saw two traffic lights hanging above me. Both were green. Or was it one? I couldn’t be sure. So tired. Two of everything. Needed to close my eyes. An entrance to a parking lot for a grocery store appeared. The concrete roadway grew bigger then smaller. I drove over the curb into the lot, toward a parking space under a tree and passed out.

From:  Dead Code

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