A Trisha Carson Mystery


            Launch Date: Oct. 27, 2021 

              Indie United Publishing House 



What happened to Shari Grantner? One day the tall red-haired lawyer is running a successful open water swim clinic. Less than 24 hours later, her body washes up on a beach near San Francisco.  Shari’s sister reaches out to Trisha Carson, an amateur sleuth, asking for her help.  No need to ask twice. Trisha jumps into the investigation and soon discovers that the seemingly strait-laced barrister had a sizzling secret life.

Trisha begins to untangle an ever-growing list of suspects. There is Shari’s hot-headed younger brother who badgered her for money.  Her good-looking boyfriend who the dead girl was about to dump. The mysterious man who shows up in compromising photographs.  And the quiet unassuming sister who is now in charge of the family’s well-endowed trust.

As Trisha inches closer to the culprit, the trail circles back to a familiar location…where the killer is waiting.

Praise for DROP DEAD RED

"A smart, steadfast gumshoe who, in her second book, continues to flourish...

Carroll’s writing bounces off the page."   Kirkus Reviews

       DROP DEAD RED is great fun, and intriguing - the theme is swimming, the murders are a mystery!"

       Lynn Sherr, NY Times Best Selling Author, Sally Ride: America's First Woman in Space and former ABC  correspondent for 20/20.

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It's a screen grab, a shot lifted from the video. I put myself through college working in the adult film industry. Before you jump to conclusions, I was behind the camera.



A Trisha Carson Mystery

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